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Al Wafra Farms, Kuwait


Owner: Mr. Ayad Al Thuwainy
Manager: Shawn Crews
Trainer: Willy Oppen
Bloodline: Purebred Arabians and Straight Egyptians
Located in the region of Al Wafrah, Kuwait, Al Ghanaym Stud is a paradise on earth for horses.
Its owner, Mr. Ayad AlGhanayim, developed his love for the Arabian horse at a very young age - a passion that never faded and its ever growing, alongside his farm.
Al Ghanayim Stud's peculiarity, and Mr. Ayad's signature, is the focus on black Arabians, and his constant research for the best horses to emobody his breeding visions.


AL GHANAYIM STUD - 2022 Erab Arabian Horse International Show

Jeffrey Wintersteen- Interview, 2022 Al Ghanayim Stud​

SHAWN CREWS - Interview, 2022 AlGhanayim Stud

AL GHANAYIM STUD - A closer look at the farm

WILLY OPPEN - Interview, 2022 Al Ghanayim Stud

AL GHANAYIM STUD - A focus on black Arabian horses​