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Colo (Australia) and Beirut (Lebanon)


Owner: Diaa Kara Ali
Manager: Colo (Australia) and Beirut (Lebanon)
Trainer: Schoukens Training Center, Paolo Capecci
Bloodline: Purebred Arabians
The name Al Dawla Arabians comes from the Arabic word Al Dawla, which can be translated to the ‘cycles of freedom’. They consider their Arabians as a mean of freeing the souls from the shackles and burdens of an increasingly overwhelming urban life.
They believe that in the company of the Arabian horse, a human can find solace and spiritual peace, which is captured by its original desert home in the Arabian and Levantine wilderness and which the blow of a lunging Arabian horse continues to transport us to.
Their quest is to represent the symbiosis between the natural world and human wisdom and the natural world, as they endeavour to structure our Arabian stud upon the wisdom of accumulated breeding knowledge and the best practice in handling and showcasing the Arabian horse.


LULU AL DAWLA - (HRH Heir of Marwan x Bandagold) 2020 Filly

RANEEM AL DAWLA - Al Dawla Arabians

RHR HEIR OF MARWAN - Al Dawla Arabians

ROUYA AL DAWLA - (EKS Farajj x Van Gogh's Dream), 2022 Filly