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HARAS DAS FAIAS -⁣ Farm Tour 2021

One of the latest highlights from 2021 ????⁣ ⁣

???? Open House 2021 ????????⁣ ⁣

Back in November we had the chance to fly to Brazil and visit this wonderful unexplored place, yet well-known worldwide: @harasdasfaias.⁣ We all got to know Rodrigo Faias' renowned breeding program over the years, with the latest absolute treasure being ????️ HDF Fontonella, 2020 Brazilian National & 2021 Scottsdale Champion at her show debuts. ⁣ ⁣

Rodrigo seeks quality and uniqueness in everything he does, and of course this event was no different. As we walked along the red carpet leading to the freshly renovated stables and the perfectly organized welcoming venue, we seemed to dive into a different world, with fun and style as leitmotif of the whole day.⁣ ⁣

In between fine snacks, live songs and drinks, we witnessed a brilliant collection of horses whose eggs, embryos and semen were available for people's consideration, and whose outcome was a great success. Among the top sellers, the outstanding HDF Baronesa, HDF Munique, Fontanella Al Hayat, Llis Al Hayat and breedings from the ever fascinating HDF Lugano.⁣ ⁣

A big Thank You to Rodrigo Faias, Haras das Faias team, @cesar_schmidt_arabians and all involved for this magnificent event and for the care you put in every detail.